About Us

Luxe and Ash is a unique, luxury lifestyle brand - rooted in the legacy and traditions of family. Growing up on my grandparents’ farm in North Carolina, I loved gardening and tending to animals. Standing on my grandmother’s stool -watching her cook and sew dresses - was my place of peace. My grandmother brought passion and artistry to her creations. Luxe & Ash has embraced that same passion and values.… that’s the “LUXE”.We are committed to delivering natural products that embrace our diverse cultural traditions and practices. The cultural practice of using natural wood ash in the soap-making process inspired our Artisan Bath line and the “ASH” in our name.The Artisan Bath line is also a personal passion project. As a transplant survivor with sensitive skin, it was important that Luxe & Ash’s first product offering be a natural soap line for everyday skin care. From a social responsibility perspective, Luxe & Ash is committed to supporting women and less fortunate families.We are grateful and excited to have you join the Luxe & Ash family as we unleash unique, luxury and culture in your everyday living!Founder & Owner,Alicia Williams